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Hanatics Academy 
Photo and Videography Course

We are from Hanatics Media Academy, led by Gary Chia, with over 10 years of experience of doing photo and film. In order to do our part to grow the photographers, we have a course that shows very direct and practical aspects of photography as we want our students to shoot instead of any theoretical classes.

Photography course

Stage 1
Camera Settings: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance & Focal Length

Stage 2a: 
How to shoot Studio Portrait (Softbox, Colour filter, Bowl & Umbrella)

Stage 2b:
Portrait editing in photoshop

Stage 3a: 
How to cover event 

Stage 3b:
Event editing in photoshop

$480 for 5 sessions!


Videography Course

Stage 1:
Camera/Camcorder settings

Stage 2A:
How to do an interview video

Stage 2b:
Interview editing in Premiere Pro

Stage 3A:
How to capture B-rolls

Stage 3b:
B-rolls editing in Premiere Pro

$480 for 5 sessions!

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