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Hanatics Academy Presents
   Photography Course 

Hands-On. Practical. Life Skills.

For Photographers, By Photographers.

Taught by industry practitioners, we are not your typical classroom-bound trainers as we do what we preach.

We believe in the power of learning by doing.

Photography course

Stage 1
Camera Settings: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance & Focal Length

Stage 2a: 
How to shoot Studio Portrait (Softbox, Colour filter, Bowl & Umbrella)

Stage 2b:
Portrait editing in photoshop

Stage 3a: 
How to cover event 

Stage 3b:
Event editing in photoshop

$480 for 5 sessions!


Videography Course

Stage 1:
Camera/Camcorder settings

Stage 2A:
How to do an interview video

Stage 2b:
Interview editing in Premiere Pro

Stage 3A:
How to capture B-rolls

Stage 3b:
B-rolls editing in Premiere Pro

$480 for 5 sessions!

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