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Studio Equipment

Basic (included in the studio rental)


Godox SL60W x 6

godox SK 400.jpg

Godox SK400 x 6


Godox Standard Reflector x 6


Godox Softbox x 6

1. Camera and accessories


  • Canon XA25 

  • Canon XA55 

  • Canon Vixia GX10 

  • Sony A7iii 

  • Sony A7R II

  • Sony A7siii


  • SONY FE 2.8/90 MACRO G OSS 

  • SONY FE 4/12-24 G 

  • SONY FE 2.8/24-70 GM 

  • SONY FE 2.8/70-200 GM OSS 

  • SAMYANG AF 35/1.4 FE 

  • SONY FE 4/16-35


  • Weifeng WF 717 

$30 per cam

Included with cameras

weifeng WF 717.jpg
SONY FE 2.8 70-200 GM OSS .webp
Canon XA25.png

2. Audio Equipment 

  • Sennheiser EW100 G3 Wireless Microphone System



  • Rexy Onkyo Wireless Microphone K7


  • Yamaha MG10 Mixing Console

Lav mic.jpg
Yamaha MG10 mixing console.jpg

3. Crew Rental (pls email to down below with production details for us to quote)

Camera Operator/Assistant

Production Crew (sound/lights)

Livestream Assistant

Make-up assistant 

4. Price per session




  • 65" Hitachi TV 

  • Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini

$30 ($50 with operator)

  • Confidence Monitor

  • Teleprompter

ATEM mini.jpg


Here at Studio Hanatics, we are a studio for creatives, by creatives. 


As a team that is passionate about videography and photography, we have created a studio of our own.  We hope to provide this high-quality studio to like-minded individuals, and seek to give all the opportunity to work in a professional studio at an affordable price. 


If you have the passion to take photos or film videos, do not hesitate to drop by and try our studio out. 

We believe that choosing our studio is not a choice you will regret.

We are just a 5 minute walk away from 2 MRT Stations - Ubi and Macpherson MRT


By Bus: 

1. From Ubi MRT Station: Take Bus 137 from Ubi Exit B Bus station, after 4 stops, drop off at Bus stop Station: Ubi 55
2. From Macpherson MRT Station: Take Bus 63 or 63M from Macpherson MRT Exit A, after 3 stops, drop off at Bus Stop Station: UbiTechpark


1. Drop off at either Macpherson MRT or Ubi MRT, and you can choose to take a bus from the MRT Station or walk directly to the studio.

By Car:

1. Enter the car park and look for Lobby D.

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